Here at AusCare, your needs, wants and aspirations are our priority. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) helps AusCare to personalise care according to your current and future needs.

What is the NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is an initiative in which qualifying individuals are provided with access to a series of funded supports, based on individual need. This support enables individuals to lead a fulfilling independent life. Depending on eligibility, the types of support required, and the area you live in, NDIS includes funded community support in some of the following key areas:

  • Employment: Assistance in successfully obtaining and keeping employment.
  • Health and well-being: Support with daily personal activities and care.
  • Education: Links with community education programs, or higher-level learning.
  • Social engagement: Community connections including therapeutic and behaviour support and transport for social, economic and daily life activities.
  • Living arrangements: Assistance with daily supported living, including group homes, home modification design and construction.
  • Mobility equipment, assistive technology and vehicle modifications can also be accessed.

To successfully access the NDIS, our designated support persons and proven team of specialists, are here to assist you in accessing all that the NDIS has to offer. As part of our ongoing commitment to access and equality, our caring team encourages you to understand all of your options, enabling you to make informed decisions and open doors of personal and professional opportunity.

Who can access the NDIS?

Individuals who qualify for the NDIS are formally referred to as a participant. To qualify as a participant in the NDIS, the individual must meet certain criteria.

The NDIS criteria requires that you are:

  • Under the age of 65
  • An Australian citizen, a permanent resident, or New Zealand citizen who is a Protected Special Category Visa holder
  • A person who identifies as having a permanent or significant disability that requires help from others, equipment or assistive technology

Why the NDIS?

The NDIS has been developed under the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013 Cth, and is a revolutionary response to the ever-changing needs of individuals requiring community care. The NDIS empowers individuals, placing emphasis on personal and social support, education, employment and their interconnectedness to happiness in daily living. The NDIS has taken previously developed care programs applied as separate schemes, or in isolation, and created an opportunity in which varied needs can be met under a single program. This gives organisations like AusCare the ability to provide services both personal and holistic in nature!

Our Services

A great advantage of the NDIS is that AusCare has the ability to access and provide many different services, ensuring that all your needs are discussed and considered.


  • Provides you with up-to-date information regarding NDIS services
  • Walks you through the application process
  • Provides plan management
  • Assists you with decision-making based on your needs and personal goals
  • Personally connects you with each service
  • Provides ongoing support by monitoring your care
  • Makes adjustments and modifies your plan should your circumstances change

National Disability Insurance Scheme Pricing

AusCare currently use the price limits as outlined in the NDIS price catalogue.  For an individualised, detailed quote for the cost of your required services, please contact one of our friendly team on 1300 455 322. 


AusCare Home and Community Care are currently compliant with the NDIA Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP) terms and conditions.

NDIS Funding

What funding is available through the NDIS? How will the NDIS assess and individuals who are qualifying for funds?

NDIS Support Services

AusCare will help you to access key services under the NDIS. There are a large number of approved service providers.

8 Domains of NDIS

There are 8 domains in which we should link directly to a participant’s needs and goals when accessing the NDIS funding.

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Where to Start

A great place to start is to have a browse around our website. Look through the information on NDIS and Home Care Services. Though the information on our website is comprehensive, we are available to help via telephone, email and online chat.

Call: 1300 455 322
Email: info@auscareservices.com.au

You are welcome to stop in at one of our local offices. We would love to meet you.