Home Care FAQs

Is there a minimum number of hours I would be committed to?

The amount of hours you will require support for is based on your individual needs, however, it would be expected that the majority of our services would take at least an hour to comfortably perform. With funding, you may be approved for a certain amount of hours per week, and this can be broken up into different days and times suited to you.

How can I communicate with my personal carer?

Once we have assigned a personal carer to you, communication will be based on your needs. Communication can take place through our direct line, or directly through to your personal carer. If need be, a trusted family member or friend can be provided with permission to communicate with our staff members on your behalf.

How soon can my home care service start?

Depending on your location, we can have a personal carer organised to start immediately. This could take a matter of days, or can be in a weeks’ time. If needing immediate medical attention, emergency services should be contacted.

How do I provide feedback?

As part of meeting our vision and objectives, AusCare actively seeks feedback from our participants and clients. Feedback, whether positive or constructive is welcomed. You can provide feedback directly with one of our representatives, or via the telephone. We also have feedback forms available should you decide to share your feedback in writing. Also see information on our Complaints Policy in our Policies and Procedures.

Can I request who I would like as my personal carer?

AusCare works hard to ensure that our services and the personal carers who work with you are the right fit for your home. This is because we understand that it is a big ask to have another person take care of your personal care needs. When we discuss your needs, we will also discuss your preferences regarding your personal carer, it may be that you would like a carer who enjoys music or has an interest in books, or you may request a carer who speaks a certain language. This will all be taken into account when planning your home care services, and where possible, accommodated.

Personal Preferences

As every client and home is different, AusCare’s home and care services provide our valued clients with a wide range of service options to meet all potential needs. These tailored services ensure that the valuable time shared with one of our personal carers is as meaningful as possible.

We take into consideration all of your personal preferences, and use this to develop a care plan, just for you. You are invited to let us know your preferences regarding your care and the qualities or skills you are looking for in a personal carer. This helps us so that we can provide you with someone you can engage well with. Finding out more about your needs can also assist us in providing the most appropriate care solutions. To do this complete the following questionnaire as part of your enquiry.

What supports are not funded by the NDIS?

The NDIS doesn’t cover day-to-day living costs, or duplicate other supports that are already available to you. The NDIS is also not intended to replace mainstream public services like education and health. The NDIS will only fund those supports that are specific to your disability.

Does the NDIS apply to individuals who live remotely?

The NDIS is available in most areas and is still continuing to open up. Should you wish to find out if NDIS is available in your area you can send through an enquiry using our enquiry portal.

Where to Start

A great place to start is to have a browse around our website. Look through the information on NDIS, Home Care Services and our Staffing Solution Services. Though the information on our website is comprehensive, we are available to help via telephone, email and online chat.

Call: 1300 455 322
Email: info@auscareservices.com.au

You are welcome to stop in at one of our local offices. We would love to meet you.