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AusCare knows a better way to Coordinate and support your NDIS plan and budget.

At AusCare, we put our clients first. Our goal is to help you live a better life, the life you want to live. When it comes to coordinate your services and support plan, we listen to you and take the stress off you. This will take away the worry, and free you up to enjoy your life more.

Support Coordination is to assist you to navigate, learn, and understand more about your NDIS plan. Support Coordination is designed to provide the client support over the full term of your plan. AusCare can assist with providing you a trusted coordinator who can connect you to services.

It’s your plan, your way, with our support.

Step 01

Identification of Service and Support options

Your AusCare Support Coordinator will work with you to determine what funding you have available for support services, help you to identify what you would like to get out of your services, and how you would like to see these delivered.

Step 02

Selection of Support Providers

Your AusCare Support Coordinator will help to identify providers in your area that are most likely to meet your needs. We will negotiate with preferred providers and ensure your understanding and acceptance of individual service agreements.

Step 03

Coordination of Supports

Your AusCare Support Coordinator will help you to setup all your service schedules, rostering and delivery of activities with providers. We will continue to manage service progress against your stated goals, and step in to help you resolve any issues.

How Can AusCare help you?

Multi-Lingual Support

At AusCare we are deeply passionate about aiding local culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities and diasporas by addressing language barriers to provide access to services.

Find Support services for you

AusCare can help you understand funding and services that are made available in your NDIS Plan and show you how you can use your NDIS plan to meet your goals.

Find Service Providers for you

AusCare can help you to choose the right service providers for your circumstances and get quotes for services by negotiating with them.

NDIS Meetings

AusCare can help you to build your skills, capacity and independence to coordinate your own support plan and assist you in preparing for your next NDIS review meeting.

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