Policies and Procedures

All of AusCare’s policies and procedures are completely transparent. It is our proven policies and procedures that assist us in helping our clients.

Policies and Procedures

We take every possible measure to protect the personal well-being of our participants by providing a comprehensive library of policies and procedures, some of which are listed below:

Privacy and Confidentiality

In line with the privacy and confidentiality Act 1988 (Cth), AusCare will only collect information that is relevant to the care needs of the client or participant. This information is then kept in a secure hard copy filing system, or electronically with access provided to authorised members of our team for the purpose of providing services only. All client information is treated with complete privacy and confidentiality and is not provided to a third party without your expressed consent. The circumstances under which information is required to be shared will be explained to you in depth when you begin your journey with us.


In line with the Declaration of Human Rights, and the Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986 (Cth), AusCare implements policies and procedures to prevent direct and indirect discrimination toward participants or their family members. We ensure that clients and participants are treated with the same high level of respect and care regardless of differences in age, gender, culture, beliefs, religions or sexual preference.

Cultural Diversity

AusCare’s cultural diversity policy and procedure outlines how AusCare can offer support to individuals from different cultures. This supports the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 (Cth), in that individuals and families from diverse cultures are not disadvantaged in their ability to access services simply because of cultural differences and due to discriminative practices. Also, procedures are provided in which the different needs of cultures are taken into consideration through communication, and services that are suitable for individuals of varying backgrounds, beliefs and values.

Access and Equity

Also in line with the Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986 and various state and territory legislation is our policy and procedure toward access and equity. Our access and equity policy and procedure outlines specific measures taken to ensure that all Australians, regardless of age, disability gender, belief or religion, have equal opportunities to access support. Such measures include providing information in different languages, ensuring that our facilities have wheelchair access or disabled parking.


AusCare realises that on occasion, a participant or client will want to express dissatisfaction. We believe that complaints are always an opportunity for improvement so our complaints process is transparent. Individuals can make a complaint via email to our administration team, or via the telephone. The complaint is then documented on our complaints register. Our management team will provide an initial response to the complaint within 48 hours. AusCare prefers to find a happy resolve for our clients and participants within a short period of time, and urgent issues or concerns will always take priority.

Communication Needs

If you need assistance regarding communication, please let us know. We are able to connect and consult with our clients or participants by offering the following communication support:

  • Translated information: AusCare translates important information so that participants are able to understand all of the details regarding their care
  • Larger font options on our website and on written documents: AusCare will provide text in large fonts for individuals who may have a sight impairment
  • Technology that can verbalise written documents: AusCare can offer support through allowing access to verbalised information as opposed to written documents
  • Personal adaption: Our staff members are trained on how to support and communicate with individuals who have a hearing impairment and require additional consideration
  • Access to interpreters: AusCare uses two measures to connect participants with interpreters through:
    • AusCare employees who are bilingual
    • The Australian Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS)

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