How do I apply for the NDIS?

You apply using what is called an ‘access request form’. A member of the AusCare team can assist you with your application.

What information does the NDIS require from me as an applicant?

  • Confirmation of identity and/or a person’s authority to act on your behalf
  • Questions to see if you meet the NDIS access requirements (age, residence and disability)
  • Questions regarding consent to enter the Scheme and about seeking information from third parties
  • Some additional information might be requested following your initial application

Who is in control of the types of services I can access?

So long as funding is approved for your specific services, you are able to choose when and where you are receiving services from. AusCare will help you make decisions, but ultimately you are in control.

Do I have to manage my own NDIS plan?

You can nominate a trusted person to manage your NDIS plan, however, we recommend that where possible, you are involved as much as you can in the initial decision-making, before handing on the management of your plan.

What supports are not covered by the NDIS?

  • If the support/service is not related to the participant’s disability
  • If it duplicates other supports already funded by a different mechanism through the NDIS
  • If the support/service relates to day-to-day living costs that are not related to a participant’s support needs, or the service is likely to cause harm to the participant or pose a risk to others

How does the NDIS decide on the type of support they will approve?

The NDIS looks at funding eligibility on a case by case basis. They will fund support relevant to your disability which is considered to be ‘reasonable’ and ‘necessary’. So, if you have a goal to obtain a part-time job, the NDIS will consider funding reasonable and necessary support for you to obtain employment.

What supports are not funded by the NDIS?

The NDIS doesn’t cover day-to-day living costs, or duplicate other supports that are already available to you. The NDIS is also not intended to replace mainstream public services like education and health. The NDIS will only fund those supports that are specific to your disability.

Does the NDIS apply to individuals who live remotely?

The NDIS is available in most areas and is still continuing to open up. Should you wish to find out if NDIS is available in your area you can send through an enquiry using our enquiry portal.

Where to Start

A great place to start is to have a browse around our website. Look through the information on NDIS, Home Care Services and our Staffing Solution Services. Though the information on our website is comprehensive, we are available to help via telephone, email and online chat.

Call: 1300 455 322
Email: info@auscareservices.com.au

You are welcome to stop in at one of our local offices. We would love to meet you.