Home and Care Services

With a compassionate team of professional health and care workers, AusCare’s Home and Care Services provide quality personal support to individuals living in our community.


AusCare understands that living independently can be a challenge for many members in our community. We also know that times accepting help in your own home can be daunting and overwhelming, so we work hard to ensure that all of our clients and participants receive the best at-home care available. All of AusCare’s home and care services are delivered with the client in mind, ensuring that our clients receive the kind of support that fosters independence and enhances quality of life.

Types of Home Care Services

The types of home care services available to our clients and participants are vast and varied. Some clients find they only require support with domestic duties, or transport, while others need assistance with connecting socially within the community.

Home care services available through AusCare include:

  • Domestic assistance
  • Personal administration
  • Personal care
  • Medication supervision
  • Transport
  • Social interaction

Domestic Assistance

Housekeeping maintains your surroundings so that it feels safe and homely. Domestic tasks include cleaning, washing, gardening, and minor maintenance. You can rest assured that finishing touches are always completed to your standard.

Personal Administration

When trying to organise personal schedules or tasks, our personal carers can help. Personal administration includes help with making appointments or phone calls, running errands, communicating with other services, friends or family members. It can also include making basic payments.

Personal Care

Personal care services take care of hygiene or personal grooming tasks which an individual can no longer perform without assistance.
This includes showering, brushing hair, getting dressed, toileting, applying make-up and brushing teeth.

Medication Supervision

Our competent staff members know and understand the importance of managing the administration of medication. Our staff members are trained to either administer medication, or supervise clients as they self-administer.


Transport services are available for taking clients to and from appointments. Our personal care staff also have the ability to organise taxis or complimentary shuttle and bus services on the client’s behalf.

Social Interaction

The types of social interactions provided is determined by each client, their wants and needs. This can include outings to the local RSLs, attending a community event, a stroll along the beach, or even a friendly chat over a hot drink.

Our Services

Our services take care of both low and high care needs of clients living in the community.

To do this AusCare offers services in the following key areas:

  • Day therapy
  • Respite
  • In-home nursing
  • Disability services

Day Therapy

The Personal health and well-being can be enhanced through daytime activities, specifically designed for older individuals, or individuals requiring specialised support with their health. Day therapy includes access through many of our key connections for participation in exercise, tai chi, relaxation and meditation, strength and balance. Day therapy also helps you to engage socially and meet new people, which is also good for personal health and well-being.


Respite care provides full-time carers and clients with much needed support, or even a break from their usual care schedule. When respite is needed, we offer both day or overnight respite care for clients. Our respite program can be provided in the home through personal carer placement. Community respite is also available. This is where clients participate in a community or social event, through a club group or centre as part of their respite experience.

In-home Nursing

There are times when clients require medical care services from a qualified nurse. AusCare can provide clients with the support of well qualified and experienced nursing staff. This at-home service helps clients to maintain independence, and the reassurance that their health is in good hands. Our in-home nursing services offer flexible hours and specialised attention.

Disability Services

Our disability services offer daily care options needed for individuals to live independently and pave a promising future. This includes all of our services as listed, and some may be funded through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). For further information on our disability services, click here.

Professional Carers

Your personal home is your haven and when it comes to personal care there is nothing more important than your own personal comfort and safety. Our personal carers are extensively trained and experienced in providing services across a combination of home care services. This means that you can experience the same level of quality service each time you are in our care, with a personal carer you trust and have built a relationship with. Our carers ensure that personal care is provided in the most respectful manner, upholding client dignity, privacy, confidentiality, and individual standards. Regardless of the services required, AusCare’s personal care team provide the personal touches by ensuring services are fulfilled exactly as you like.

Accessing Home Care Services

Home care services are available through government funding based on eligibility. For persons under the age of 65 who present with a significant disability can receive funding through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) based on eligibility. For information on this type of funding available, click here.

If over the age of 65, home care services can also be provided with the assistance of government funding. Where funding does not apply, helpful payment plans are provided. Call or send through an enquiry through this website to one of our friendly staff members today and find out how we can help you access our services.

Social and Community Connections

Social and community interactions help us to cope with everyday living and can provide purpose and meaning. Individuals who require home care services often feel socially isolated, which can even contribute to depression and ill health. In recognising the benefits of such connections, AusCare has a network of community and volunteer contacts in which we can connect clients with to complement our existing supports.

Although our personal carers provide opportunities for some social interaction AusCare can recommend other activities or connections based on your interests. Such connections and activities can include:

  • Community programs
  • Tai chi or fitness classes
  • Health and well-being expos
  • Volunteer visitors or helpers
  • Social programs
  • English speaking classes
  • Special events, including church, Christmas or Easter programs

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