Allied Health Centre (AHC) support services

Allied Health Centre (AHC) is a subsidiary of AusCare Home and Community Care Limited (AusCare). AusCare is a national community services organisation that is approved by the government to provide services related to Home Care Packages (HCP) and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funding.

Our mission

As an accredited NDIS and Home Care Services provider, we’re committed to specialised healthcare and support services to the aged, individuals with disabilities, and mental unwellness. We want to help put you on the right path for optimal health and well-being.

It’s all about helping you enjoy a fuller happier life by giving you access to the most complete healthcare possible. We genuinely love people and believe in human rights of all people, regardless of their age, issue or cultural background. You’re in caring hands at Allied Health Centre.

Our Allied Health Centre practitioners have extensive clinical experience and medical knowledge. We provide specialised support staff and personnel, highly trained in individualised care.


What type of areas Allied Health Centre serves in

We cover many different areas tailored to your needs including Allied Health Intervention, Nursing Care and Community Access and Social Participation.

Whether you are cared for at your home, or within our clinical environment, we provide optimal care, ensuring your safety, as we lead you into a place where you are independent and autonomous.

Allied Health Centre (AHC) is a Home Care and NDIS Services provider offering high quality Allied Health Services covering the following practitioners:


The food we eat plays a major part in our well-being. It’s easy to get off track with diet, and this can cause mental and physical health problems. Our Dieticians are experts in nutrition. They will give you invaluable, professional guidance in managing your diet, to ensure you are getting the right nutrition for your body. The Dieticians assess your condition, your dietary habits, and work with you to establish the right diet and nutrition to combat these conditions. Our goal is to help restore you to optimal health and reduce your risk of developing chronic disease.


If life has become particularly hard for you due to an injury or a disability, you’re in good hands at Allied Health Centres. Our Physiotherapists are experts in movement and function, and use techniques to assess, diagnose and treat injuries in the musculoskeletal system. They apply specific hands-on treatment to help your muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints repair, and work to their full potential, reducing pain and stiffness. The treatment may involve exercise programs to improve your mobility and strengthen your muscles, joint mobilisation, soft tissue techniques, and muscle re-education to improve control. Whatever your need, our specialist team addresses it holistically.

Social Work

Sometimes we grow up in circumstances that cause us to spiral downwards in our life. It can happen through no fault of our own, or through choices that we made that were not the best at the time. This can lead to behaviours that keep you in a destructive cycle. This cycle needs to be broken. If you’ve found yourself in this place, our team of highly trained Social Workers can help. They have in-depth knowledge of Human Behaviour, Life Cycle Stages, Families and Social Networks, Disability and Mental Health. The Social Workers can give you support and help you make practical and emotional changes in your life to improve your personal and social well-being. They do this by identifying issues that require change and if need be, connecting you with professional assistance like secure housing or family therapy.

Exercise Therapy

There are specific exercises that can help you in case you suffer from a neurological deficit. Maybe the condition was caused by a degenerative nerve illness like MS, a disorder of a single nerve or nerve group like carpal tunnel syndrome, infection of the brain like meningitis or encephalitis, or through Injury. Whatever the cause, by understanding how the neurological condition has impacted your life, our highly trained Therapists can work with you to construct your special exercise regime, using our specialised equipment. They will work with you to help you achieve your personal goals and overcome physical and rehabilitation challenges. Methods include clinic, visits, home visits, after hours, phone assessments, phased based recovery and telehealth.

Occupational Therapy

Staying active contributes to your overall well-being. Our professional Occupational Therapists come alongside you to help you as you engage in self-care activities. This can be anything from dressing, showering, cooking, to productive activities like work, volunteering and caring for others. We also help you engage in your favourite social activities like belonging to a caring community group, taking up a hobby, or becoming part of a friendship group.


The way you were raised has a profound effect on how you behave. The life experiences on your journey also contribute to your level of mental wellness. Our Psychologists are highly trained in human behaviour. They have in-depth knowledge of the brain, memory, learning and processes around human development. They can look at the journey life has taken you on and help redirect any mind-sets and habits you’ve formed that are not healthy for you. This can mean assisting in changing the way you think, feel, behave and react. Our highly trained Psychologists provide individual therapy in ADHD and ASD, Anxiety and Depression, OCD, Grief, Loss, Depression and Trauma.

Speech Pathology

If you grew up finding it hard speaking certain words or letters properly, and it went unchecked, this could lead to you developing a speech impediment. Our specialist Speech Pathologists are highly trained in diagnosing and treating communication disorders. They work with you to help you overcome issues and communicate with confidence. Our specialists can help in a variety of ways, including developmental hold-ups, stroke, brain injuries, intellectual special needs, spastic paralysis, dementia and hearing loss, and other issues impacting speech and language. They also assist in enhancing and supporting speech and language function arising from neurological conditions like Parkinson’s Disease or Multiple Sclerosis, and difficulties swallowing food and fluids safely.


Sometimes just talking about it can make you feel better. Whenever you’re going through one of life’s issues, don’t go it alone. By talking with one of our specially trained Counsellors, you can find the help you need. Our Counsellors offer various forms of assistance; most frequently by listening to you. The counselling process is conducted by you simply talking about your personal problems and working through them with professional advice and guidance. This includes mental illnesses, stress, domestic violence, divorce or relationship breakdown, injury rehabilitation, re-entering the workforce and maintaining, obtaining and regaining employment.

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